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The only true 24/7 On-Demand Home Healthcare and Caregiver App!

We are The Uber of Home Healthcare!

About CareClic

The only true 24/7 On-Demand Home Healthcare and Caregiver App!

We are The Uber of Home Healthcare!

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Imagine a mobile app service that can send a Doctor, Nurse or a caregiver to your loved ones home 24/7 on demand.  


Knowing care is just a click away will be a huge relief to family members who can't be there all the time.  Anyone dealing with an elderly relative knows just how hard it is to find help and monitor progress—a problem most of us will have to face at some point in our lives. 


Home Healthcare and Caregiving is an industry ready for a true 24/7 on-demand app, and CareClic247, an online app service that connects medical and non-medical, in-home caregivers for physically and mentally impaired seniors, is growing fast.

Try CareClic

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Find a provider in your area, Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver, all with a click.  You can read their resume, and select one you like and request them to your home.

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Chat live with a Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver in real time! Or request them to your home now or schedule an appointment for later.

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Select a provider for the services you wish and request them to your home, read their experience level, see their picture.

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How does Careclic work?


Careclic247 is a platform where those who are in healthcare, like physicians, nurses, caregivers and other domestic workers (providers) can connect with those who are in need of home healthcare services (client) all within each other’s area.   

In cities where CareClic is available, you can use the CareClic app to review providers in your area, read their experience level and services offered. You can video chat with them or request a healthcare provider or caregiver to your home. . You can make an appointment to a healthcare provider or caregiver and provide the the details. You can also request for online consultation to a doctor. Once the provider accepts the appointment request. You will recieve the notification. Provider will visit you at the scheduled time. After the visit, rate your provider. 

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3 Countries

Available currently and growing

703 Million

Seniors 65 and older in 2020

$74 billion

Home HealthCare
Medicare and Madicad spent in 2019 in America


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