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CareClic Inc. 

In a panic to find a caregiver for his failing grandmother, a young code programmer was faced with the realization that there was no simple nor fast solution available.  The truth be told, there was a very large market for an app that would allow a person seeking home healthcare and or caregiver services, and why not make it available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so he did.

CareClic247 medical billing solutions software is a simplistic real billing program and very transparent to insurance companies making the period shortened from 90 days to 30 days.  No $200 bandaids billed; by eliminating over billings, the new billing process will be a short pay cycle.  


The name CareClic was incorporated, and the business was formed.  Soon after, CareClic. Inc filed a regulation D 506 (b) for $7,500,000.00 and raise funds for the company to move forward into the home healthcare and caregiver markets and become the Uber of Home Healthcare and Caregiver services.

Screenshot_2020-03-16 CareClic247 by Car

"Where there's a need, we find a solution. We found a critical need for in-home healthcare and caregiver search, and with that CareClic247 has been developed."

App features

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Welcome to the home screen, load your email here and view the entire app.

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Chat live with a Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver in your area in real time! 

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Find a provider in your area, Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver, all with a click

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Select a provider for the services you

wish, read their bio,  experience level, even chat with them live and/or request them to your home for services!

Download now!

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